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ELGEF System

Reliable non-corrosive connections

Using Electrofusion to connect PE pipes provides a safe, systematic, economic and efficient installation for your piping
system. The added value for the customer with ELGEF Plus is the modulatity of the system.


Main benefits • Leak-free welded system
• Low investment start-up costs
• Modularity reduces stockkeeping
• Speed of installation
Applications: Gas and Water Transport and Distribution,
Waste Water/Sewage, District Cooling, Fire
Fighting, Irrigation
Product range: 20 mm to 2000 mm
Pressure rating: Up to 16 bar for Water Distribution
Up to 10 bar for Gas Distribution
Benefits of jointing
Speed, flexibility, one machine welds all
dimensions of fittings
Material: PE100; these fittings can also be welded
onto PE63 and PE80 pipes