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The UTPC Family

Universal Techno Piping Corporation (UTPC) was founded in 2005 to specialize in the distribution and installation of the most technologically advanced thermoplastic piping materials.

It was incorporated to provide the most effective technology in the piping industry. It offers solutions to designers faced with the task of selecting the optimum piping system for a specific application. We don’t only offer products, we provide solution!

Universal Techno Piping Corporation (UTPC) is the authorized distributor of world’s leading brand supported by its principal abroad based in Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and China.

It basically provides the right priced products and serves the customer’s needs, requirements and expectations, aims to outsmart competition and succeeds in the thermoplastic distribution, as its operation is patterned from leading thermoplastic distribution corporation worldwide.
We make sure that your satisfaction is our business and main concern. Thus, UNIVERSAL TECHNO PIPING CORPORATION as your Thermoplastic Technology business partner is the absolute best choice.

UTPC is in partner with the world’s leading pipe manufacturer Georg Fisher Piping Systems which offers complete Thermoplastic Pipes Valves and Fittings with different materials like PVC, CPVC, ABS, HDPE, PPH and PVDF in different standards like ASTM, DIN/ISO and JIS. We also offer Instrumentation and Flow controls: Flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity, Pressure, Temperature, Level, Chlorine Analyzer and Turbidity Meter.

We also have the top of the line Chemical Dosing Pumps from the best pump maker Grundfos Alldos. Not only do we supply but also we have a complete team of servicing that could cater our client needs.

We are not only limited in supplying but also providing the proper installation of our products to achieve 50 years of leak free piping system. Our team also provides a service of system integration to achieve optimal solution to your systems.

Universal Techno Piping Corporation (UTPC) is working towards becoming a major player and market leader in the supply and installation of plastic piping systems and its components. Since we have been awarded with major contracts in the following market segments MINING, POWER PLANT, SEMICONDUCTOR, WATER TREATMENT, WATER DISTRIBUTION, FOOD & BEVERAGE, PETRO-CHEMICAL and BUILDING industries plus having business partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers. For sure that doing business with us is your absolute best choice!

Word from the President

Bernadette D. Galve - President

When I look at our company, I see a well-established organization made up of what I believe to be the best group of professionals in the business.

We at Universal Techno Piping Corporation continually strive to attract outstanding new talent to the firm. To make sure all employees know that they truly are the company’s most valuable assets, every member of the Universal Techno Piping Corp. team is treated with respect, courtesy and fairness.

Tent to rest on past accomplishments, constantly challenge them and their colleagues to find innovative ways to create value, increase efficiency and provide the highest level of service to our clients and partners.

Universal Techno Piping Corporation is committed to the highest standard and our guiding principles that help us achieve it. With the best practices of our organization and the best efforts of all our employees, we continually strive to be the no.1 Thermoplastics supplier and Contractor in the Philippines.


Truly Yours,

Bernadette D. Galve


UTPC’s vision is to be the country’s leading supplier of thermoplastic products and related services. We aim to earn our customers’ confidence and enthusiasm through continuous enhancement of our value-added services driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovative skills of UTPC personnel.


  1. To be the customer’s first choice for Plastic Piping Systems and Waste Water technology, delivering products of outstanding quality and great service at a competitive cost.
  2. To continually engage in providing the most technologically advanced products and new innovations available worldwide.
  3. To foster partnerships that will enhance our local economy using environmental improvements that creates cleaner and safer neighborhood.
  4. To work in good faith to gain customer’s trust & confidence to every UTPC personnel so that customers will choose us for the quality products we can supply and good services we can provide them.
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