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for Water, Wastewater Treatment, Recycling and Reuse System

ECOLOGIX is branded as green technologies for water, waste water treatment, recycling and reuse provide these essential benefits based on the acronym of MPM as follows:

  1. Minimal ecological footprint (space cost savings)
  2. Power savings (energy cost savings)
  3. Minimal maintenance (effort cost savings)

We, the officers of Universal corporate family believe and know the basic value of Ecologix, these are being shared as part of the best practices for sustainable use of water resources.

Rotary Screen Waste Separator

  • EcoSieve™ Externally-Fed Rotary Screen
  • EcoSep™ RT Series Internally-Fed Rotary Screen

Dissolved Air Flotation

  • EcoPack™ Parallel-Plate Dissolved Air Flotation
  • EcoCell™ Dissolved Air Flotation

Ultra Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

  • Ecoflex™ Disc Type Membrane Diffuser
  • Hyotube™ Tubular Type Membrane Diffuser

BioCord™ Activated Fabric Contact Media

Membrane BioReactor (MBR)

  • EcoFIL™ PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
  • EcoFlon™ PTFE Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
  • EcoPlate™ Flat Plate Membrane Module
  • EcoSepro™ Flat Sheet Membrane Module
  • SpiralFIL™ Spiral-Wound Element
  • EcoMem™ MBR Compact Package Plant